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Steve Dale - CEO/Founder

Steve lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC, with his highschool sweetheart, Kirsty, and their two children, Ava and Griffin. He loves nature, so he philanthropically raises chickens for the coyotes, and vinifera grapes for the birds. Whenever he gets off the farm, he loves to travel, ski, sail, snorkel/dive, and surf. He is evangelically passionate about teaching people how to profit by perpetuating the ongoing collapse of usurious fiat currency. He believes that everyone can simultaneously make a mint, by making a difference. Steve and Kirsty support an substantial number of charities and NPO's.

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Rob Charney - COO

Originally from Burlington, Ontario, Rob Charney acquired his B.A. in Economics and Diploma in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University. Rob then spent roughly the next 15 years in the North American Steel Industry before leaving a management position behind to relocate to Kelowna, BC. Since 2006 Rob has been in the financial sector first as a Commercial Lender for a major financial institution prior to most recently brokering mortgages for Canada’s largest brokerage firm under the MortgageFinancingBC brand he co-developed. As COO, Rob brings a diverse perspective to the position and is excited to help us grow Collective Currency into a global success story.

Moira Wong - CLO

Moira obtained her Bachlor of Arts in International Relations from UBC and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Ontario. She practiced law for a decade, and currently works as a university law instructor. She also sits on the board of directors of a charitable foundation for stroke research. At work, Moira is a perfectionist. Her solid reputation has been built on being detailed and meticulous. She uses her common sense on doing things the correct way. At play Moira is an avid squash player, skier, and golfer. She is a dedicated mother and strives to experience as much as life has to offer!

Michael D. Grimes - CFO

Michael is the founder and principal of MDG Corporate Services. Michael maintains UEG, Inc.'s accounting and administration at our head office in sunny St. James, Barbados. He is a devout Christian family man, and we are happy to have him, and his years of business experience, on our team. If you would like to incorporate a business in Barbados, we highly recommend his services. Visit for more information.

Bruce Kamm - CTO

We are extremely fortunate to call Bruce our CTO. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to technology, the barter industry, and its software. Before the Internet, Bruce was a pioneer, developing online information services for the Regional Bell Operating Companies. More recently, he has developed one of the most popular barter network software platforms in existence, and has worked tirelessly with us to customize it to accommodate our unique business model. Bruce's experience and expertise includes barter, trade, countertrade, asset management, and alternative capital financial transactions that greatly expand liquidity and bottom line profitability. Bruce's expertise also includes all phases of real estate development and construction in addition to marketing, promotion and operational cost reduction for the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Vivian Chen - Trade Broker/Credit Clearing Specialist

The combination of passion for wine and travel brought Vivian to Canada. Vivian traveled to many provinces of mainland China with her parents when she was young. Vivian She settled down in Vancouver in 2000 but she was left with the belief that "traveling is more eye-opening than reading". Vivian's love of wine has grown even more since gaining knowledge of viniculture by completing the WSET foundation class. With a strong marketing and real estate investment background, Vivian is an expert at real estate investment consulting, business managing and winery merging. Her friendly personality comes out naturally to provide exemplary customer service. Vivian speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. She specializes in taking Chinese customers on the tour that brings them deeply in-touch with the local culture and interprets local people's experiences.
陳惠欣是一個對紅酒和旅行充滿熱情的人。惠欣從小就跟隨父母走訪了很多城市和國家,她在2000年最後定居在溫哥華。惠欣親身的旅行經歷讓她深刻體會到 “讀萬卷書,不如行萬里路”的道理。惠欣一直是個紅酒熱愛者,尤其專門學習了紅酒認證課程之後,她對紅酒品嘗和釀製都有了更進一步的研究。 惠欣的專業是市場開發和地產投資。惠欣的性格開朗,直率加上她的專業知識,每一個各戶都非常喜歡和欣賞她。惠欣精通英文,廣東話和國語,她希望作為中西方 的文化商務橋梁,幫助中國人直接並深入的接觸西方的人文,從而帶來商機,同時也帶給西方人認識東方文化的機會。所以與惠欣的接觸是你開闊思路,促成商機的 嚮導。

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Lionel Grant - Trade Broker/Credit Clearing Specialist

Lionel Grant is a business consultant whose experience ranges in the energy sector as a public and member relations expert as well as event planning. Lionel spent 20 years in hospitality in various roles managing convention centres, catering operations and assisting with the planning of many large scale events such as “Live 8” and many professional golf association events. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and is a proud Canadian, enthusiastic outdoorsman and devoted husband.

Jeff McDonald - Trade Broker

Jeff McDonald is a corporate communications pro with business development and marketing experience in many different industries, including tourism, travel, real estate, economic development, health care, wine, and others. His past roles include communications positions with Vancouver Economic Development Commission, Tourism Whistler, and the British Columbia Wine Institute.

Jeff lives in Vancouver, Canada, and has traveled extensively in North America, Europe, Central and South America, and Mexico. He’s a skier, a road cyclist, a back-country trekker, a mountain climber, a writer, and a lover of all things connected with wine, especially drinking it.

Rod Fong - Trade Broker

Rod resides in Vancouver where he grew up. He spends his time doing the things he loves: spending time with friends and family and learning his craft in the food and beverage industry. He leads an active and healthy lifestyle playing sports and dedicating his time to his young family.

Rod has a proven track record in business. His past success has been earned from establishing good relationships, hard work and innovative ideas. His future success as a broker will be to build on his reputation and continuing to build a "win - win" situation for his customers.

Gary Strachan - Trade Broker/Credit Clearing Specialist

Strachan assisted the re-establishment of the BC wine industry after its contraction in the wake of the 1987 Bilateral Free Trade Agreement with the United States. He drafted new wine standards for the VQA assessment programme, established screening taste panels, and shared his knowledge with dozens of new wineries who chose to enter the reorganized wine industry, assisted them to write business plans and obtain BC wine production licences. Reconciled BC VQA standards with Ontario VQA, US BATF, Canada Food and Drugs Act and European Community wine laws.

Former Gov't of Canada delegate to Office Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin General Assembly. A pioneer in the Okanagan wine industry, Gary organized the first BC VQA wine evaluations, wrote the VQA protocols, drafted the rules. Former Chair of the BC Wine Industry Technical Committee, Director of the Pacific Northwest Chapter, American Society for Enology and Viticulture. Gary organized and taught the first Viticulture courses and the first Winery Assistant courses of Okanagan College.

Societies: Professional member - Agricultural Institute of Canada, American Society for Enology and Viticulture. Former member - Genetics Society of America, Canadian Genetics Society, American Society for Microbiology, International Association of Milk, Food, and Environmental Sanitarians, American Association for the Advancement of Science,

Nancy Strachan - Trade Broker/Credit Clearing Specialist

After many years of training and performance awards, Nancy studied for her solo performance and teaching degree, voice and piano, at the Royal College of Music, London England, on scholarship. Nancy has been a piano and voice teacher, soloist, and choir director in Manitoba and British Columbia from 1970 to the present. She has served on many boards: Director, Summerland Arts Council and Publicity Chair, director, Summerland Community Cultural Development Committee, director on the Board and choir member of Music Vocal Ensemble, and director, Board of the Summerland Museum.

Nancy was a piano teacher and choir director at the Summerland Children's Centre from 1999 to 2003. She was also pianist and choir director for the Christmas production of the Summerland Singers and Players, 2002. She was co owner of Okanagan Wine Tours, and later was co owner of First Estate Cellars, responsible for inventory management, sales, events, decor and displays, book keeping and cash. She has also acted as a real estate broker in Winnipeg for four years, and worked as News Director for Summerland Radio Station CKSP (now CHOR).

Carlo Nigro - Italian Linguistic Division Manager/Trade Broker

Carlo is easy going, patient and friendly. He has been involved in the financial world, in one way or another for 25 years. He loves entrepreneurship, capitalism and free market ideas. He loves to network and his own network of contacts includes people with innovative ideas and services to serious investors. Although English is his first language, he speaks reads and writes Italian fluently and can get by in Spanish. Favorite saying: “There are more people with money than people with ideas; you just have to find them.”