Monday, December 04, 2023

Welcome to Collective Currency, a division of Universal Expansion Group, Inc. I really appreciate you taking some of your time to review what we are in the process of achieving. This website is an online platform for Business-to-Business trading, without the limitations of the "legal tender", fiat currency economy. We offer an alternate economy through which your business can continually realize profits, regardless of the fickle nature of mainstream economics, and the fiat currency in which it is denominated. We welcome the opportunity to monetize dead capital on your behalf.

The currency we issue is backed by the goods and services of our members, by their pledges. We are a viable alternative to a bank for your record-keeping and financing needs. We are not the first trade network to do this, far from it.

The success of this industry is far-reaching. As I studied the industry for the past three years, I was constantly amazed at the potential, but I was not impressed that the vast majority of these trade networks charged the very fiat cash that they ridiculed. It rang false for me, that none of them practiced what they preached. I knew that with innovation, we could do it better.

Thanks to the bright people that saw the light and helped me make this a reality, we are able to bring you an online trading platform that does not directly charge its members any cash, yet still offers the full services and personal connections that trade-savvy business operators have come to expect from a trade network and its trade brokers.

The economy has been gradually poisoned with fiat currency, identifiable by the two words "Legal Tender". An economy can do nothing but collapse under the weight of Usury. If you are sick of this economy, we have the antidote. It's up to you take the medicine.

Beyond realizing profits for ourselves and our members, we see this as an opportunity to facilitate good deeds. It is no secret that it is always easier for companies to make donations in kind, than in cash. With that in mind, we regularly survey Charities and NPO's to find out what goods and services they need. What they have to offer, is tax receipts for the companies that can fulfill those needs. The minimum trade we can do in every country is, at the very least, what the GDP is down from peak.

Why not revive your dead capital and share in the prosperity that has largely been gathering dust all around us? Have a good look at this website to better understand the possibilities and advantages to be gained by working together with us. If any of your questions are not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please email me personally with them, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I look forward to your correspondence.

Steve tux

Steve Dale, Founder - Universal Expansion Group, Inc.