Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Collective Currency Exchange offers companies an opportunity to join a trade network with global reach, that is available worldwide, and will be offered in all major languages.  

Unlike existing retail or corporate barter networks that charge cash initiation fees, cash monthly fees, and cash transaction fees, Collective Currency does not charge a cash initiation fee or cash commissions on transactions.  In fact, we will not charge our members cash, period.  

Other networks all require a blank cheque or credit card from prospective members to charge cash fees monthly.  Collective Currency does not!  We offer approved corporate clients a 0% interest line of credit on simple terms, up to 10% of their last year's gross income.  Companies can then access our network to start purchasing products and services on their line of credit, which is technically a trade deficit in their account.  Companies will then owe the equivalent value of the amount spent, plus applicable commissions, payable directly in their products or services.

We offer features on the Collective Currency website for each of our members to post their wish lists and offerings, with their trade broker signing off on each major offering, and each major purchase.  The clients will receive an automatic notification when something they are seeking becomes available, as will their broker.

Member's trade offerings are represented on the Collective Currency platform as digital gift certificates (DGC’s), which will be downloadable in a printable or mobile format, with electronic copies automatically forwarded to the buyer, the seller, their broker(s), and our head office.  Our 3rd party accounting software tracks all trades for the appropriate taxation per nation when applicable.