Thursday, June 20, 2024

Collective Currency delivers new business from new customers. Guaranteed!

Unlike other exchanges that charge cash, new Collective Currency business members pay a one time account set-up and initiation fee of $500 trade credits, which is paid with your own product or service.

And, unlike other barter exchanges that charge monthly cash fees, Collective Currency members only pay a minimal $10 monthly trade reserve fee, which is automatically charged to your trade account to cover potential trade debt and expenses.

We bring you new business from new customer that will pay you with trade credits. You then spend the trade credits just like cash for the products, services, media and travel you want. Each time we do our job, you pay a 5% trade transaction fee.

Individuals that would like to open an Earn Only / Spend Only account just to provide referrals, are not charged an account set-up fee. There is also no set-up and initiation fee for registered Charities and other Non-Profit Organizations.

No Cash Fees!

It's simple. You pay...

  • A one time account set-up and initiation fee of $500 trade.
  • A monthly membership and reserve fee of $10 trade.
  • A 5% trade transaction fee on each purchase or sale.