Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Governments love Barter Exchange Networks...

When the GDP is down from its peak, so is tax revenues. Through the bartering of products and services, the tax base is increased and the mainstream economy is simultaneously stimulated.

The requirement of tax reporting by barter exchanges on behalf of their clients varies from tax regime to tax regime. In Canada it is voluntary. For U.S. member companies, barter exchanges are required to submit a 1099-B form that accounts for all trade sales, as the IRS makes it mandatory to report all trade sales of U.S. members of trade exchanges globally. Collective Currency encourages our clients to consult their accountants in regards to barter sales tax reporting.

By monetizing a nation's dead capital we are increasing the volume of taxable trading. All of the applicable taxes are payable in cash. We can make up the GDP shortfall for both the companies and their owners, and for the governments that tax them. It is an evolution of commerce. The true economy can be summed up in two words: Supply and Demand. The economy cannot be sick, but a system delineated in fiat currencies certainly can. Everyone still wants to work and to consume. We can keep them doing both by lessening demand on the cash market. We are the money, therefore we are the medicine. Before there was cash, there was trade and there were profits.

Tax receipts for donations to registered charities can also traded in the Collective Currency exchange. For example, a hotel that sells “empty” rooms for trade credits can donate trade credits for tax deductible receipts from registered charities. The charities can then use the trade credits for printing, media, travel, hard goods, etc. The list of benefits and opportunities, as well as the potential for creative financing is overwhelming.

In some jurisdictions, trade credits can act as deferred income, not taxable until they are spent. There are RRSP's, RESP's, TFSA's, and many more government-recognized investment programs, available in Trade Credits. There are more profits available outside the box than within it. Collective Currency trade specialists are ready to explore the benefits of large trade credit transactions with you.

Governments, and separate agencies thereof, may also open accounts with Collective Currency. We will allow them to shop for their required products and services in return for tax credits for their nationals. Governments can spend on media, printing, catering, branded goods, marketing, surveys, websites, and more. We can also assist them in clearing old debts from overdue taxes without closing down mom-and-pop businesses. When our members can pay taxes in trade credits, the end game of fiat currency is well underway. We can defeat Usury, together.