Thursday, July 18, 2024

The key feature of Collective Currency is that you can trade worldwide without paying cash.

  • Collective Currency is a commercial clearinghouse that accepts its own trade credit for payment, so members will never pay cash fees.
  • The Collective Currency exchange is open for you to do business everywhere, with no territorial limitations.
  • Collective Currency Trade Credits (or Trade Tender / Lawful Tender) are designed to mirror whichever currency you prefer to list your products and services in, whether that is USD, EUR, RMB, or any other globally recognized currency.
  • Governments and businesses of all sizes can apply for a 0% interest Line of Credit (technically a Trade Deficit) to spend at participating businesses in the Collective Currency Global Marketplace and Member Directory. This deficit is repaid by companies with products or services instead of cash, and by governments and charitable organizations, with tax receipts.

The CC Difference

  • No Cash Fees to Trade!
  • Global Online Commerce
  • Automatic Currency Conversion
  • Credit Lines with 0% Interest