Monday, December 04, 2023

Dear Collective Currency Members,

A couple of important reminders:

1) If you have an account in deficit, you have to list an offer! That's how it works. We are a member-driven exchange, so you guys are responsible for keeping up-to-date listings. If you need help with this, ask your broker, or ask me personally! We're glad to help. The Marketplace would be twice as full if every member in Deficit put up a listing, enabling all of you more choice to spend your T$.

2) The more quality members we have onboard, the more we can all benefit from the expanding opportunity base. We will grow exponentially if every member invites a member a month. You will earn T$300 for each new business member you bring in. Take advantage of your personal referral tracking url generated on the site (Overview - html banners - create banner). Again ask for help if needed, as this will automate your referral payment. You will also earn T$100 from your referral's referrals...

3) POST YOUR WANTS - this can only help you. It also helps us go after the specific new members you'd like to do business with. We're Trade Brokers, not mind readers!

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Thanks for your participation. Feel free and let us know what we can do for you to improve upon the program. We're all in this together!
All the best, Steve Dale
CEO/Founder- Universal Expansion Group, Inc.