Monday, December 04, 2023

Blog Post One

Your Invitation to Apply for Collective Currency Membership – a message from our Founder.

The last few years have been trying times for many businesses. During this time, most successful businesses have had to be extra creative to maintain market share. Undoubtedly you are aware that many companies have joined barter networks to offset expenses and increase sales. Barter networks are not a new phenomenon, and have proven to be a recession-positive business model around the world, offering a second shot at profits in an alternative economy when the cash supply in the mainstream economy is unreliable.

It is taken for granted that ``necessity is the mother of invention``. The reason that I am writing to you today is due to the fact that I have had great experiences using trade networks for my own business. I own a small winery, Rollingdale (, in West Kelowna, B.C., Canada. I have first hand experience of success using barter networks to conserve cash, create loyal customers, and bring in new cash business. I have also spent the last three years creating a better barter network: one that removes the objections that many companies have to joining such a network. So, why should you choose our network over the others? The first reason is because we do not charge cash fees, unlike the others. The vast majority of networks charge a cash initiation fee to join, and require a credit card or blank cheque to charge their ongoing monthly cash commissions to. We do not! We actually accept our own currency as payment for fees. We don’t charge our members cash, period. Our initiation fee is $500 trade credits (vCAD). The trade commissions are broken down as follows: 1% on each end of a transaction goes to the platform - 1% from the buyer, 1% from the seller. The Trade Broker for each party earns 4% from their respective end of a transaction, on average size transactions. The Trade Broker will offer a sliding scale, with their commission dropping according to transaction size, but we can get to those details later. The typical deal ends up costing both the buyer and seller 5% in Collective Currency trade credits. This is at the low end of the pricing when compared to our competitors, and unlike the competition, our fees are not in cash.

If you would like to spend before you offer your goods or services, we can authorize a line of credit to your business for 0% interest. The extent of your credit line will be equivalent to 10% of your last year’s gross earnings (financials required). This way you only have to offer your goods or services once you have bought something you need or want. The alternative is to offer up some of your goods or services on trade to the other members right away. As you earn trade credits, and attract new business, you will be able to start spending them on the goods and services from the other members. Your savings on everything you buy this way is equivalent to your cost of goods! Your preferred currency should be that which you issue yourself. Conserve your cash. The credits you earn can be spent at face value on printing, media, hotel rooms, caterers, websites, graphics work, gym memberships, renovations, etc. The first thing you should do upon having your account approved is add your Wish List to the site, you will be notified when something you seek becomes available. Trade Brokers will actively seek what you are looking for on your behalf. They will also be directing business to you. This is a method of keeping more business circulating locally, and a great source of both increased savings and sales for the members, their businesses, and all of the people that rely on them. Also, unlike the typical franchised trade network, ours has no territorial limitations. A trade credit from your city works with other Collective Currency members around the world, and customers from around the world can spend their trade credits in your city. The payments are processed by mobile apps, online, or by our automated broker by phone, 24/7.

We have a very professional team in the Executive Suite. We have no overhead. We are here for the long haul - to grow with you. Our currency is backed by our member’s pledges of goods and services. It is real money backed by real goods and services. The Legal Tender cash which is loaned at interest by the banks is the only problem with the economy today. It is not actually money (as defined by The Bills of Exchange Act) it is a negotiable debt instrument. Your gift certificates or company scrip is real money. Your money.

For more information regarding how we operate, and the benefits of being part of our community, visit The Collective Currency site is only 1/3 of our unique business model. We can do a lot for your company through our second Divison,, but that is another letter…

Thanks for your consideration! As business owners, we are stronger together. I look forward to meeting you in person at our launch party, time and location to be announced.

Steve Dale

Vintner –

West Kelowna, BC, Canada

Founder –

St. James, Barbados