Trade for Products and Services Instead of Paying Cash, with No Cash Fees!

Implementing trade into your daily business activity has become a necessity to grab your share of the revenue from this enormous business potential.

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Connect, Network, Trade and Grow.

Use 0% interest credit to pay for the products and services you want, before settling with your excess inventory, capacity or production to a new market of buyers both locally and globally.

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Get the Benefits You Deserve.

There are many reasons why more businesses worldwide are bartering their products and services, but underlying them all is one fundamental motivation; businesses profit. 

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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Trade Marketplace

Visit the Global Trade Marketplace to find the products, services and travel you want.

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Automated Broker

Get 24/7 account information and process trade transaction postings using your touch-tone phone. The...

Online Marketplace

View a brilliant array of products and services available for purchase with trade credits in the Online...

Member Directory

Log in to your Collective Currency account to view the Global Trade Directory, and view a complete online...

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View your account balances, check the latest marketplace offers and search the member directory, or post...



A brilliant array of opportunities.

Find the products and services you want in the Collective Currency Global Trade Marketplace and and conserve your cash by using Trade Dollars instead of cash for capital expenses and purchasing.

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Get broker assistance.

Connect with your broker to get the latest details on trade opportunities as well as introductions to new members of the Collective Currency business community.

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Learn about travel and entertainment

Tap into the resources available to you through Collective Currency's Trade Concierge and get the skinny on the latest travel and entertainment venues.

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Magnetic Swipe Cards

Magnetic swipe cards to process trade transactions are available for U.S. based merchants.

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Earn Rewards for accepting Credit Cards.

Businesses that accept credit cards are paid Reward Dollars (1% on first $50,000 of processing each month and 1/2 of 1% thereafter) for every MasterCard and Visa sale.

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Consumer loyalty program for your business.

A card based loyalty program that merchants can fund with Trade Dollars is available to U.S. members.

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Get $50,000 to $50 million CED's.

0% interest advances in Cash Equivalent Dollars

This isn’t just another ‘Cash Advance’ program. With the Merchant Advance Program, merchants use their own products or services to repay their advance. 100% of your Advance is repaid with your own product, service, excess capacity or production, which is valued at full retail price. You have the power to leverage your most valuable asset (your inventory) to get what you need, while reducing the cash required for purchasing. A CED Advance will also increase business by driving new customers to your door that purchase your products, services or capacity.

Typically, businesses can anticipate approvals for 10% of their last year's verified gross income, as submitted by their accountant. Additional amounts may be approved for qualified companies.